Slugs and Snails and Aphids, Oh My!

With the rainy start to summer it’s been the perfect conditions for Snails and Slugs and they have been quite prevalent.

One easy way to get rid of Slugs and Snails if you have can of beer handy is a Beer Trap. Simply use a container of some kind like an old margarine tub and cut a hole in it. Pour the beer in and the scent will attract slugs and snails who crawl to the hole fall in and drown.

Another option is copper tape. Place the tape around the tops of your plant pots and tubs. When the snail/slug crawls up to eat at your lovely plants the mucous they produce reacts with the copper to cause a small electric shock that repels them.

For aphids, simple solution of washing up liquid and water. Spray on the aphids and it will block their pores and kills them.

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