Remains show that rodents were once a food source.

A Report published in the journal, Royal Society Open Science, concludes that Rodents- including field mice and voles- were eaten by Neolithic people on the archipelago of Orkney, Scotland.


After scientists sifted through approximately 60,000 rodent bones they discovered that rodents were likely to have been roasted in the fire or boiled. This is the first concrete evidence in Europe that these pests were eaten during that era, however it is believed that mice- although only bite-size- were once a delicacy for the Romans.


Dr. Jerry Herman of the National Museums of Scotland remarked, “The remains were getting into the refuse of the inhabitants and in very large numbers and over a considerable period of time – several hundred years. Because some of the remains were burnt – we think that they had been roasted – it may be that the inhabitants were actually eating them and that explained how they got into their living space in such numbers.”

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