Redback spider eats venomous snake in Australia

Robyn McLennan, a nature lover from Australia, stumbled upon a frightening sight while taking pictures at a winery in Victoria, Australia last week. A highly venomous Redback spider taking on an Eastern Brown Snake – a highly aggressive and venomous snake.

McLennan snapped high-resolution photos of the fierce wildlife battle and then posted them to a Facebook group for the Australia-based conservation organization Field Naturalists Club of Victoria. The three photos showed the redback spider striking and trapping the huge snake in its web. McLennan said “The spider has now brought the entire snake off the ground and it is [suspended] mid-air, just under the lower lip of the tank.” Wildlife enthusiasts within the Facebook group had a once in a lifetime experience and urged her to share more details. One Facebooker commented ‘Amazing, I would love to see some sequences photos of what happened next.’

The Eastern Brown Snake is one of the most venomous and dangerous snakes in the world. “Eastern brown snakes, together with other browns are responsible for more deaths every year in Australia than any other group of snakes. Not only is their venom ranked as the second most toxic of any land snake in the world (based on tests on mice), they thrive in populated areas, particularly on farms in rural areas with mice,” Australian Geographic once described in a blog post. Whilst this is quite a horrifying story, snake experts say it is not an unusual occurance. “All animals are opportunistic feeders, as in they’ll eat what they can, to survive,” Brisbane Snake Catchers, a snake removal service in Queensland, explained on Facebook in reference to the recent incident.

Redback spiders generally feed on insects, small lizards and other spider but they can also prey on a lot larger animals due to their powerful venom.

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