Rats in your property – what you need to know.

Are rats keeping you up at night? Finding signs of activity in your garden? Don’t worry! Here at Pest Control Supermarket we have everything you need to ensure you achieve total rodent eradication.

If rodents are in your garden, we supply a wide range of kits which include heavy duty bait boxes. The bait boxes ensure protection against any non-target species and are safe to use around both pets and children. The bait can be secured safely inside of the bait box which makes sure it doesn’t get affected by any adverse weather and importantly provides safety to all animals and people in the area.

We supply three different types of poison; grain, blocks and paste. They all contain maximum strength Brodifacoum set at the legal limit, meaning that one is not more effective than the other. All types of poison are suitable for use inside of the Pest Expert Bait Boxes.

When baiting in a secure area such as lofts or under kickboards, it is safe to use the grain poison inside of a bait tray. This is the easiest method of rodent control as the poison can be simply placed into the tray where you are noticing rodent activity.

We also sell premium rat and mouse glue boards. These are the best glue boards that are on the market as they are supplied on a heavy-duty board and layered with an industrial strength glue. They are perfect for both business and residential settings, and the glue board gives you total control of the disposal of rodent(s). The rodent glue boards are best used indoors as they are not weather resistant.

All of the products mentioned above are available to purchase by visiting www.pestcontrolsupermarket.com.

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