Rats crack a smile… and not just for Christmas

It is the season of Good Will so as we edge ever closer to the night where Santa breaks into your house and eats your food, we thought we’d bring you a little piece about rats, and how they smile!


Researchers at the University of Bern, Switzerland have discovered that whilst rats might not smile like us, they display happiness by relaxing their ears. Luca Melotti who led the recent study engaged the rats by tickling them whilst taking photographs throughout the exchange (these were clean laboratory rats, not the dirty kind that chews through your shed floor boards). They studied these photo’s to see the changes.


Their ears also turn a shade of pink whilst being tickled, however it’s not certain whether this is down to their emotions or through their muscles being stimulated. Melotti remarked, “While it’s likely that animals do feel emotions, it is unknown if they feel them the same way we do.”

Aaaanndddd that’s enough about Rats being happy. Here at Pest Control Supermarket we believe every Christmas should be rodent free so Grandma can enjoy her Christmas Pud’ in peace.

All of us at pestcontrolsupermarket wish all of our customers a wonderful Christmas. And a Pest-free one at that!

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