New Species of Peacock Spider Discovered

Seven new species of the dazzling Peacock Spider have been discovered in the regions of South and Western Australia. Found earlier this year, they are now seven of forty-eight variations of the Jumping Spider.


Maratus, being the scientific family name, mimic the courting habits of the Peacock Bird, displaying vibrant colours in a spectacular dance. If unimpressed, the females have been known to eat the male.


Sydney-based Australian scientist Jurgen Otto has been researching these spiders for over 10 years and remarks, “They behave very differently to how people think a spider does … they behave more like cats and dogs, moving around, perceiving and reacting to their environment”.


Footage of their almost hypnotic mating process has gone viral with over 5 million views, as well as being included in Sir. David Attenborough’s documentary series, “Life”.

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