New species of frog discovered that looks like Kermit!

A new species of glass see through frog has been discovered in Costa Rica, and it looks just like Kermit! They are found in Central and South American rainforests and they live in high trees near streams and creeks.

The male glass frogs may be small, but they are extremely territorial; they will fight with other males that try to trespass on their territory. Sadly, due to deforestation, they are threatened by habitat loss. Bearing in mind these threats, finding one of these ‘Kermit frogs’ is even more rare and special.

The amphibian that is a lime green in colour has bulging white eyes and perfect circular black pupils, just like the muppet’s musical puppet. The green colouring helps the frog stay camouflaged on the underside of leaves in the day, as they are nocturnal.

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