Natures Cleaning Crew

Ants are Nature’s Cleaning Crew, they are quick and efficient at finding any kind of food leftovers, which is great until its in your home.  You are more likely to see Ants appearing this time of year as they are most active in the warmer months and as Spring quickly approaches chances are this is when you will start to see them.

One ant can quickly lead to hundreds of them in your home, once one finds a tasty morsel, a drop of honey, the sweet a child dropped under the counter they leave a tiny trail of pheromone all the way back to the nest to lead the others back to collect it.

The first and foremost step in getting rid of ants is prevention. Making sure that they do not have access to any kind of food or liquid. Sealing things inside airtight containers, clean behind the fried and inside the toaster often and if you have pets don’t leave their food out longer than necessary and ensure bins are tightly sealed. Spills and crumbs should be cleaned up as soon as possible and if you happen to see a trail of ants you can attempt to disrupt the chemical trail by wiping it with vinegar or bleach.

With larger ant colonies that may be posing a problem to your home or garden, you may wish to call in professionals or treat it yourself with something like the OutCast Bait Station which will kill the Queen and destroy the nest.

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