Moths – What you need to know

Carpet moths are a problem pest for many countries around the world, and the damage they cause can be extremely expensive and detrimental. In recent years, carpet moths have caused undoable damage to one of a kind curtains in a historic National Trust property.

Contrary to common belief, it is not the adult moths that cause the threadbare patches in carpets and textiles, it is in fact the larvae. The larvae’s food source is keratin, a natural fibre which Is found in most natural carpets and rugs containing wool or silk. Carpet moths favour dark spaces, with the damage being most prevalent behind or underneath furniture or around the edges of the carpet or rug.

Carpet moths are easily identified; they are dark buff in colour and do not tend to fly but run rapidly across floors and furniture to avoid direct sunlight. When they shed their cases during the life cycle, they leave behind case bearings which look like little grains of rice.

If you are not sure on what moth you are dealing with, the treatment template is identical and all the insecticides we provide are broad spectrum. It is important to use a combination of actives to ensure you achieve total moth eradication.

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