Most effective treatment for rats

Pest control can seem a laborious and difficult task. There are many different products, brands and methods to eradicating any un-wanted pests from your home and garden. There are many different products that can be used to kill, catch or deter rats and many different brands.

The most common form of rat control is poison, however, poisons can vary in their form as well as potency, which makes choosing the right poison a difficult task. The main forms of rat poison are grain bait, block bait and paste bait. In theory blocks are the best type of poison for rats and the way they are formed allows rats to gnaw, which is their preferred method of feeding, which should aid uptake. Grain bait is the most common type of rat poison and is great for use indoors in secure areas where there are non-target species cannot access the poison. Paste bait has a unique attractant, so is best used when there are alternate food sources present or where other poisons have failed through no uptake. Pest Expert are a fantastic supplier of a wide range of pest control products and their Formula B Rat Poison is regarded to the best poison on the market.

Traps are the second most common form of rat control and they can be split into two categories: humane traps and killing traps. Humane traps are traps that will catch a rodent but not kill them, so the user can release the rat back into the wild. The most common type of humane trap for rats is a cage trap. This is a trap which the rat will be lured into by a bait being on a pedal, as soon as the rat hits the pedal, the trap door will trigger, trapping the rat in the cage. A common and effective type of trap is a rat glue trap. These are boards covered in very sticky glue, by placing un-baited glue boards along routes of travel rats will not see the board, will not feel it with their whiskers and with no visible food they will not slow their approach to the board, instead running across the glue which in turn catches the belly of the rat. Generally the rodent would be killed after being caught.

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