Mice can cause serious problems

Knowing that you’re sharing your home or business premises with mice isn’t pleasant. OK, so these creatures may be small – and in some instances even cute – but when you’re dealing with an infestation, they might make your skin crawl.

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Diseases and contamination

There’s good reason to worry when you see evidence of mice in your property. These creatures can carry a number of diseases, including salmonella and leptospirosis. In 90 per cent of cases, leptospirosis causes mild flu-like symptoms such as headaches, chills and muscle pains. However, in some instances, the infection is more severe.

It’s also worth noting that mice continually dribble urine and they can contaminate areas they travel over, including food preparation surfaces and food products.


Mice can also cause damage to buildings and items within them. They have very hard incisor teeth that they can use to cut through materials as solid as concrete, lead and aluminium. This can lead to expensive damage and, when electric cables are gnawed, fires can break out.


These small rodents are great survivors. They only need between three and four grams of food a day and they don’t require access to water because they can get their daily requirement from their food. Also, the creatures tend to build nests that are hard to find in houses, buildings and other structures.

They also feed almost exclusively at night and actively seek cover, making them tricky to spot and catch.

In addition, mice can produce up to eight litters throughout the year and each litter can contain between four and eight young. After only 42 days, they reach sexual maturity, meaning their populations can grow extremely quickly.

Spotting the signs

Because of their timid nature, it’s possible to have a mouse infestation without actually seeing the animals themselves. Other signs to watch out for include small droppings, gnawing marks and smears. You might also hear gnawing and scratching under your floors and in your walls.

The sooner the better

The sooner you take action to address an infestation, the better. After all, the longer you leave the creatures to go about their business, the more of them will breed and the bigger the problem will be.

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Once you’ve dealt with the infestation, you’ll be able to enjoy much greater peace of mind. You won’t have to share your home or business premises with these creatures anymore!

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