Insects set to swarm the UK this Summer

The NHS have put out a warning for the blood sucking Blandford Fly. A bite from this insect can leave its victims terribly ill, with symptoms including a fever, blistering and swelling. If you are unfortunate enough to be attacked by the Blandford fly, you should seek immediate medical attention, especially if you are suffering with the above symptoms. The area of the bite should be cleaned and dried gently, and it is advised you should avoid scratching as this could lead to infection.

There has been an increase of the Toxic Caterpillar in South-East England and London in the past few months, and this has raised concerns that they are on the increase and are beginning to spread to further areas of the UK. The long-haired caterpillars are found in and around Oak trees in the Spring and Summer months and it is important that they are not touched. If they are, it can cause irritation of the skin and eyes, rashes, a sore throat and breathing difficulties.

Since a swarm of Deadly Asian Hornets were spotted in the West Country last May, there have been concerns that more are going to invade the UK. They can be identified by their colour as they are dark brown to black, with two yellow bands around their body. Queens grow to 3cm, whilst workers are approximately 2.5cm. A sting from an Asian Hornet can be fatal if it is not treated properly and quickly, due to the potent venom they inject.

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