Identifying common types of cockroach species.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach is reddish brown in colour, with a yellow figure eight pattern on the back of its head. They are measured between one and two inches and tend to thrive in moist, damp areas, but they can live in dryer areas if they have access to water. They prefer warm temperatures around 28°C, but will die in temperatures lower than -9°C. The American cockroach is usually found in commercial buildings, especially those specialising in food EG restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets.


German Cockroach

The German cockroach are brown / tan coloured with two dark brown stripes on their back and are predominantly located in the US. They are oval and have six legs and antennae. They can be found in warm, humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and in rooms where food is consumed. As well as being a nuisance, the German cockroach has been involved in outbreaks of illness and allergic reactions in many people.


Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental cockroach is very dark in colour and are shiny. Like the German cockroach, they are mainly found in the United States. The habitat of the Oriental cockroach is in sewers and they enter properties via drains and will harbour in basements and crawl spaces. This species of cockroach creates a strong smell and is considered the dirtiest cockroach.

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