How to tell if you have a Rat infestation

A rat infestation can cause a raft of problems, they can spread nasty diseases such as E-coli, they can damage wires and even chew through concrete, plus they can quickly multiply and make a previously happy residence a complete misery.

One of the problems with rat infestation is that rats are nocturnal animals. This means that you won’t necessarily see rats if you have a rat problem. However, rats are very adaptable and so you might see rats in the day-light, generally speaking though they are most active at night.


Luckily there are several tell-tale signs that point towards rat infestation, such as:

Rats like all animals leave droppings, and these are easily identifiable as rat droppings. You should be looking for tapered droppings around 1.4 centimetres long. Be careful not to touch rat droppings with your bare hands as it can carry disease.

Rats tend to live in walls where they will probably have their nests. People with a rat infestation can typically hear scratching in the wall cavity, whether they can see rats or not. Again this is a clear sign of a rat problem.

Another notorious problem associated with a rat infestation is an associated bad smell. The smell is a stale-wee like smell and is very distinctive, not to mention very off-putting.

In order to rid yourself of a rat infestation you will need pest control products. Effective pest control supplies include rat poison, glue rat traps and ultrasonic repellent.

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