How to keep Cats out of your garden

Many people think that, because of their independent nature, it is impossible to keep unwanted cats from entering their garden. This is not the case. Whilst it can indeed be very difficult to manipulate cats into avoiding your garden, it is certainly not impossible.

In fact, there are several ways in which you can protect your garden from the unwanted invasion of cats and prevent them from turning it into their own private litter box. However, you need to bear in mind that it is not just important to employ a strategy that works – it is also vital to ensure that your chosen strategy works safely and effectively. In other words, you need to employ a solution that does not cause any harm to cats or the surrounding environment.


Below are three tried and tested strategies which are known to keep curious cats at bay.

Everybody knows that cats hate water. Therefore, a squirt gun or a motion-sensing sprinkler system can be a very effective cat repellent. A motion-sensing sprinkler is likely to be your best bet – unless of course you are willing to stand guard with a super-soaker every minute of the day! Whilst motion sprinklers can be a bit expensive, they are very effective. However, you will need to remember that the motion sensor does not discriminate – indeed it will happily soak you as well as anything else that comes within range!

Natural Cat Repellents
There are plenty of natural (and therefore environmentally friendly) products which can help to prevent cats from entering your garden, most of which take advantage of the strong feline sense of smell. For instance, cats hate the scent of citrus fruits; therefore depositing orange or lime peels around the edge of your garden will definitely help to keep cats away from it (in fact, you can use this strategy to keep cats away from indoor plants as well). And, it isn’t just citrus fruit scents which get up cats’ noses either. To be sure, sprinkling things like cayenne pepper, ginger, coffee grounds and blood meal around the perimeter of your garden will also encourage felines to go elsewhere.

Ultrasonic Cat Repellents
An ultrasonic cat repeller is a device which uses a high frequency sound to deter cats from entering a particular area, such as a garden or yard. The device works by emitting an ultrasonic sound whenever a cat happens to walk or move past it. Whilst this sound is inaudible to humans, it is quite uncomfortable for cats to bear. Naturally, cats will not want to frequent an area where they feel uncomfortable and so they will eventually get wise and look for other places to visit.

Whilst we here at Pest Control Ltd are unable to provide you with super-soakers and citrus fruit peels, we do have a number of high-quality ultrasonic cat repellents available for purchase. Explore our pages further to order one or view our other pest control products in greater detail.

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