How to eradicate ants

Suffering with ants in your home? Ants are a pain when they invade, especially if they are in the kitchen. There are more harmful pests out there, but ants are problematic as they can get into almost everything, including your pantry and containers of food. If you have noticed just the one, it is extremely likely that there is a colony somewhere and is advised to eradicate them sooner rather than later. Below is handy guide of how to eradicate ants from your home.

  1. Eliminate the food source

First and foremost, it is important to eliminate all food sources that ants may be feeding on. This includes getting into all the small cracks and crevices in your kitchen, such as under kick boards and behind large appliances. Ants are usually attracted to sweet and starchy food, so it is important to make sure all liquid spillages are cleared up straight away. Overall, the cleaner you keep your kitchen, the less likely you are to be infested with ants.

  1. Block entry points

Another useful way to eradicate ants is to block the entry points, so they are physically unable to enter your property. Whilst it may be impossible to seal off every crevice of your home, the key is to follow the ants trail to locate the entry point. They will usually be around window frames and doors.

  1. Use insecticides

The key part of an ant eradication strategy is to ensure you are using the best insecticides on the market. Here at Pest Control Supermarket, we supply the best and most effective ant control products available to the amateur market. This includes residual sprays, contact powders and bait stations. Shop the full range by visiting!

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