Homeless man bitten in the face by a swarm of rats!

A homeless man is taken to hospital after he is shockingly bitten in the face by a swarm of rats. He was sleeping rough one night in the streets of Birmingham when the horrific attack happened.

The man’s friends were worried that he could be suffering from Sepsis, as a man named Kane Walker died in a Birmingham underpass in January. There is speculation that he died of Sepsis.

MP Liam Byrne spoke at the House of Commons, giving an insight of what life is like for Birmingham’s rough sleepers. He described the situation as a “moral scandal”, as the UK is the fifth richest economy on earth.

Official figures show that there were 91 people sleeping rough in Birmingham in November 2018. This figure was 60% less in 2017. Organisations that work to reduce homelessness say that the figure is definitely an under-estimate.

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