Flying Ant Day

The UK has seen a sharp rise in temperatures in recent weeks, which might be great for a BBQ or sitting outside, but this rise in temperature is the cause of swarms of flying ants descending on our shores.

The UK’s Entomological Society said the flying ants usually swoop on the UK in July/August but there is a high possibility that the pests could be earlier this year due to increased temperatures. Professor Adam Hart said, “It is definitely possible that due to the warm conditions the UK has been experiencing in recent weeks that we could see some flying ants earlier this year.” He explains the flying ants we see on ‘Flying Ant Day’ are different than the pests we see year-round.

At this time of year, within the colony, ants start rearing King and Queen off spring with the objective being that they will create new colonies. These Kings and Queens develop wings and fly off in search of a mate and to start their own colony. The swarm in their billions to confuse predators and to give the optimum chance of survival. Once they finished mating the male will die and the female will lay her eggs, start a new colony and become the Queen.

David Cross, head of the technical training academy at Rentokil Pest Control, said: “If temperatures remain high, we also expect this to really be a bumper year for flying ants, which could manifest itself at ‘Flying Ant Day’ – the ‘nuptial flight’ stage of ant reproduction where swarms of flying ants are prominent.”

By Lee J Silson

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