Fleas: What you need to know

With many brits avoiding holiday abroad this year, they have been opting for staycations across the UK with their furry friends. Many staycationers are being warned by both pest controllers and veterinary companies to take extra care whilst enjoying the UK’s scenery as fleas are thriving and can be potentially life threatening.

What are fleas?

Fleas are a parasite, which means they feed on blood to survive and reproduce. They can live on several animals but most commonly cats and dogs. The most common characteristic of the flea is their ability to jump from animal to animal. They can be quite difficult to spot as adults measure approximately 2-3mm in length.

How to identify a flea infestation

As fleas are so small you may struggle to see them. However, the tell-tale signs of a flea infestation include bites and your pet constantly itching their skin. The best way to see if your pet has fleas is to part the fur. If you can see tiny black dots, this indicates they have fleas and both your pet and home should be treated accordingly.

How do I get rid of fleas?

There are many online articles that offer natural remedies and solutions to eradicate fleas, but here at Pest Control Supermarket, we believe that insecticides are the best and most effective way of achieving total flea eradication. However, if you do not feel comfortable using insecticides, we do offer pesticide-free alternatives.

At Pest Control Supermarket, we specialise in both the production and supply of professional strength insecticides. Regardless of the level of infestation you can be assured our range of products will enable you to achieve total flea eradication. To shop the full range of our flea killing insecticides, visit www.pestcontrolsupermarket.com.

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