Flea infestations on the rise

As the weather starts to warm up, fleas and ticks will be more prevalent. The parasites live on cats and dogs coats and are more common between April and September as the warmer temperatures hit. It is so important to protect your pets against these tiny pesky insects as they cause so much discomfort and irritation which could also lead to hair loss.

The tell-tale signs to look out for are frequent itching, inflammation of the skin, and restlessness and distress. Another sign to look out for is flea dirt, which are little black specks that are left on your pets skin.  Fleas do not have wings but have immensely powerful legs which allows them to jump up to 1 foot in the air. Once fleas enter your home, they breed rapidly and must be eradicated right away.

David Cross, the Head of the Technical Training Academy at Rentokil Pest Control has said “the mild December meant cats and dogs spent more time outside, where it’s possible they encountered flea-carrying wildlife such as foxes, rabbits, rodents and deer. These pets would then have brought the biting insects indoors when returning home. Fleas breed rapidly once they are inside because of the warmer temperatures our houses provide. If you find fleas on your pet or are experiencing flea bites, it is usually just the tip of the iceberg. Fleas found on the host typically represent just 5 per cent of the total flea population nearby. The other 95 per cent will be in bedding, carpets, and furniture. Cat and dog owners should give their pets the appropriate flea treatment, and check them using flea combs, wash pet beddings and hoover carpets and soft furnishings regularly.”

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