Five smells that indicate a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs are an unpleasant pest to deal with. They infest beds and furniture and bite you whilst you sleep. Their bite leaves small, painful, red spots on your skin and cause a lot of distress, worry and discomfort. They are notoriously difficult pest to eradicate. This is due to their body walls being so thick, meaning it takes longer for the insecticide to penetrate through. If left untreated, they will rapidly multiply and could potentially spread into more rooms. It is crucial to carry out a thorough bed bug eradication process as soon as you start to notice bed bug activity.  Bed bugs can be transmitted in many common ways. They are not a sign of being unhygienic, it is just pure bad luck. They can be caught by stopping in hotels, B&B’s and by using public transport.

Research has shown that there are multiple smells that can indicate a bed bug infestation. According to the pest exterminator Arrow, bed bugs emit a musty, sweet smell that is like coriander seeds. People have also claimed that a bed bug infestation also smells like spoiled raspberries, marzipan, and almonds. A minty smell has been linked to a heavy infestation of bed bugs.

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