Effective pest control is vital in restaurants

When people head out for a meal, they expect certain things. For example, as well as tasty food and good service, they also want to feel reassured that the meals they receive are hygienically prepared. After all, if kitchens and storage areas within eateries aren’t clean, diners may risk their health.

If you’re in charge of a cafe, pub, takeaway, restaurant or other similar establishment, it’s therefore vital that you take the issue of hygiene seriously and, as part of this, you must engage in effective pest control. If mice, rats, cockroaches or other vermin are discovered in your premises, your reputation may be tarnished for some considerable time, which is bound to hit your bottom line.


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A warning

One case involving a London eatery may serve as a warning when it comes to this issue. The takeaway, which is based in Tooting, south London, was recently handed a fine of �20,000 and was ordered to pay costs after inspectors from Wandsworth Council found serious hygiene problems.

The officials were shocked when the owner killed a rodent in front of them before more rats appeared. One inspector nearly trod on the vermin as he tried to avoid the “oncoming invasion”, it was claimed.

Later, the inspectors said they had never witnessed anything like it during a routine inspection and they ordered the premises to be closed down until they had been properly cleaned.

Passing sentence

During a hearing at Kingston Crown Court, the owner admitted to a string of food hygiene breaches and, passing sentence, the judge described his actions as “disgraceful”, adding that he should be “heartily ashamed of himself”.

The judge went on to suggest that the owner had “brought the restaurant business into disrepute” and put the “public at risk of serious illness”.

It is believed that the rodents found their way into the kitchen via an uncovered drain beneath a hand washing sink.


Meanwhile, speaking after the verdict was passed, the council’s spokesman on consumer protection Councillor Jonathan Cook said: “This was a shocking catalogue of hygiene and food safety breaches. These premises were in a truly appalling state and posed an unacceptable danger to public health.

“The judge was quite right when he told [the owner] that he should be ashamed of himself. The inevitable consequence of such neglect may now result in lost earnings at his restaurant. For that, [he] has only himself to blame. This should of course act as a warning to other food retailers who are prepared to play fast and loose with food safety laws.”

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