Do you have squirrels in your yard, garden, or attic? Sure, they’re amusing to see, and we like these fuzzy creatures, but losing your entire vegetable garden and all of your bulbs may be a real pain. So, what should a gardener do? It is possible to coexist. Use these DIY methods to get rid of squirrels.

  • Keep your garden clean
  • Get a dog or cat
  • Plant a plant that squirrels hate
  • Install a motion-activated sprinkler
  • Use fox Urine

Keep your Garden Clean

It is critical to keep your garden clean not just to keep squirrels away, but also to prevent other pest infestation and dangerous creatures such as badgers. Remove any fallen nuts or fruits that squirrels enjoy eating. Cleaning your garden on a regular basis keeps pests at bay while also improving its appearance.

Get a Dog or Cat

Squirrels may be kept out of your garden by a dog or cat, especially if your dog chases them. If you don’t have a cat or dog, you can scare squirrels away by placing plastic owls on elevated surfaces such as fence posts or the roof.

Plants that Squirrels Hate

Squirrel are also known for digging up flower bulbs before the plants have even begun to sprout. Fortunately, there are flowers that may be planted to dissuade this type of behaviour. Here are a few plants that squirrels despise.

  • Daffodils
  • Snowdrops
  • Hyacinth
  • Allium

Certain species of flowers are more squirrel-resistant than others, and some blooms are even efficient at keeping the danger of squirrels out of flower beds entirely. Daffodils have a toxin that renders them unfit for consumption. Snowdrops, allium, and hyacinth are all disliked by squirrels, so plant them as a deterrent.

Install Motion Activated Sprinkler

Squirrels are a naturally skittish animal. When confronted with a frightening situation, individuals prefer to flee rather than fight.

You don’t have to inflict any pain or harm. A sudden motion or voice is enough to send them fleeing. And a motion-activated sprinkler is perfect for this.

You can pick whether you want your motion-activated sprinkler to run throughout the day, night, or 24 hours a day. Some also features a sophisticated sensor that can distinguish between animal movement and wind-driven movement.

Fox Urine

Squirrels are natural prey for foxes, so they will always keep away from areas where a fox is commonly seen. If you can get fox urine from an online store or at a zoo, you can use it to keep squirrels out of your garden and residence. To keep squirrels away, fill a spray bottle with fox urine and spray it in the attic and near the plant beds.


The above listed are the best natural methods or DIY methods to get rid of squirrels. But these methods can withstand only a few days as they are a deterrent and something that will be need to be monitored to keep them away.

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