Dealing with unwelcome Squirrels

The Grey Squirrel generally lives outdoors and builds its dreys (nests) high among the branches of stout trees. However, it is also quite common for squirrels to gain access to homes and commercial premises so that they can build their homes in roof spaces and lofts. Indeed, grey squirrels – like most other rodents – are experts at gaining access to seemingly inaccessible areas of our properties, such as loft spaces and attics.

Squirrel Infestation
Squirrels are of course very accomplished climbers and therefore they can use fence lines, rows of conifers and even telegraph and electricity poles to leap onto your roof. Once there, all they need to do is crawl under a loose roof tile to gain entry into your nice warm and cosy loft. In most cases, humans are less likely than squirrels to venture into the attic on such regular basis. This is why a squirrel infestation can often go unnoticed for many months.

One good thing about the Grey Squirrel is that it is an extremely territorial rodent; therefore it is unlikely to invite members of its extended family to come and join it in its nice new home. Of course, the actual number of squirrels in your loft space is not the issue. The issue is that you don’t want any squirrels in there; not least because they have a nasty habit of chewing on things, like electrical wiring.

Denying Access
The quick and easy way to get squirrels out of your loft is to try and identify where they’re getting in and then block off the entrance with a robust screening measure (such as chicken wire). Their entrance is likely to be a fairly large and obvious hole so you should be able to spot it if you’re diligent enough (the vent areas along your soffits are often the best places to check). Naturally, you must ensure that there are no squirrels still in the attic before you apply your screening.

It’s also important to try and gauge how many grey squirrels are actually living up there. It’s more than likely that there will be at least two of them so – depending on the time of year – you may well need to check and see if there are any squirrel kittens in your loft. The squirrel breeding season occurs twice a year: once in spring and then again in late summer.

Pest Control Products
Moth balls can be an effective way of getting most squirrels to leave a confined area like an attic. As with many other things of this nature though; this is not 100 per cent guaranteed. If you don’t fancy venturing into the loft yourself then you could always try using an ultrasonic noise emitter, although this type of device has varying success rates. Our recommended method for removal here at Pest Control Supermarket is to use squirrel traps. When using a live squirrel trap however, you must ensure you check it at least once every 24 hours.

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