Dealing with dead rodent odours


When using poisons and sometimes traps too, you need to deal with the horrible smell from the rodents that have died especially if its in your home. Death could be from natural causes, from poisons and traps that have caught them but fatally injure them. In some cases, you can be lucky and the nest is not in your property or you find the carcass and can dispose of it before it gets out of hand.

However, this isn’t always the case as they end up in attics, wall cavities, crawl spaces and other hard to reach or find areas of your home. Demolition is always an option, but the costs involved aren’t always viable.

In cases like this you have a few options. The first and easiest being, nothing. You simply do nothing and wait for the smell to disappear spraying room fragrances to mask the smell.

The next option is masking agents, perfumes, air fresheners to mask the scent. However, this doesn’t always work as you could end up with a horrid blend of dead rodent and flowers. Not every one can do this either due to allergies.

Thirdly an Ozone generator can be used, but the carcass needs to be found or it will need repeating regularly until the smell has completely gone. This is also quite an expensive way of dealing with it as many of us don’t have these in our homes. There is also the issue that humans and animals can not be present as the Ozone attacks the mucus membrane in our lungs. So, while an option it’s not advisable.

Lastly are anions; negatively charged particles that attract ions like a magnet. Dead rodent odours, urine and other smells are ions. During the process the ions lose their smell leaving your home free of unwanted smells. If you cannot find the rodent then simply hand a bag of anion in any room you can smell the rodent in.

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