Could these pests be hiding in your attic?

Don’t let these pests live rent free in your home – evict them for good!



Cluster flies

Cluster flies are a seasonal pest. You will notice them enter your property in Autumn as they will be looking for a warm place to hibernate over the Winter season. You will see them re-appear in the Spring when they are wanting to exit to breed outdoors. These flies get this name as they cluster together and buzz around lazily. They will also let off a sickly smell which is a tell-tale sign of cluster flies.



Rodents like to enter your property in the Winter months, as they are escaping the cold weather. Your insulation and storage provide a cosy little nest for them away from the cold. You will want to find the entry points where the rodents are coming in and blocks them off immediately to ensure no more can enter. Once this has been done, you will want to implement poison or traps to get rid of them for good.



They may be cute when they are outdoors, but they are an annoyance when they come indoors. You will hear rustling in the walls and ceilings and will be more noticeable than rats and mice. Like rodents, they will nest in the insulation, and you will have to seal off entry points so no more can enter.


Wasps and Hornets

Insects like wasps and hornets love a dry, warm attic or loft to build a nest in, which is why you will see them in the Spring and Summer months. The wasps will let off a buzzing sound. Always be careful if you decide to remove the nest yourself, as stings are not pleasant!


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