Common Pests

History is filled with a never ending battle between humans and nature, and whilst we may have used to meet on the fields, most of the fights to control the natural world are today carried out in the home. Every year, thousands of pests try to invade our living spaces and it is up to humans to fight back. Stock up on some of the best pest control products because the following list of nasty little critters want to invade your home in no time at all.

1. Cockroaches
Cockroaches often like to appear after dark, which means it may be a while before you realise that there is a problem. The scurrying bugs are happy to feed on almost any type of food and can easily transmit unwanted diseases. You don’t want to be checking for live cockroaches falling out of your shoe every morning, so at the first sign of trouble make sure that you buy some decent cockroach killer spray.

2. Flies
Flies are a major nuisance. There is nothing more maddening than trying to concentrate when doing some work whilst there is a big bluebottle buzzing around your head. What is more, flies are notorious for spreading diseases and illness. There are many ways in which you can deal with the problem of flies. A cluster fly killer is one option, and it is also useful to keep a good old fashioned fly swat to hand!

3. Bed Bugs
Bed bugs will launch an attack on your mattresses at the slightest opportunity. The blood sucking mites will leave you itching all day and night long. There are a few steps you can take to prevent infestation, such as investing in decent mattress protector covers. However, if they do appear and you want a good night’s sleep, it is best to get professional treatments or a bed bug spray as soon as possible.

4. Mice
A lot of children are told stories about harmless little mice, but the fact is that these four legged rodents like to nibble on anything and everything in sight! They can often be found in attics or cellars, and are often partial to a bit of cheese or cereal. Like most pests, mice are capable of spreading diseases, so you don’t really want them in your home.

5. Ants
Ants will go anywhere in search of food to eat. The problem is that they will often bite humans along the way. Depending on the type of ant, ant bites can range from mildly irritating itchiness to seriously painful sores. You do not want your kitchen cupboards to be overrun with ants as you will have to chuck all of your food away. Invest in some quality ant killing supplies immediately.

Although these are only five examples of the types of pests which can invade your home, there are many more out there. Use your common sense and stay vigilant for any unwanted guests. At least you know you will be well supplied if you have to fight back.

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