Combating Pigeon Problems

Pigeons can cause real problems for business owners in towns and cities. There are so many of them and they aren’t shy, meaning they have a tendency to enter even the busiest of premises given half a chance. They will also nest on window ledges and rooftops.

If your firm has been suffering because of the presence of these birds, it may be wise to invest in special pest control supplies to help keep them at bay. These products could make your life easier and boost the appeal of your premises among the public.

Food shop closed due to pigeons

Highlighting the disruptive impact the birds can have on companies, a food chain recently had to shut one of its branches in Oxford because of pigeon activity.

According to a BBC report, a Greggs bakery in the Headington area of the city was forced to close because the birds were flying through its front door and across the shop, helping themselves to food. Customers were notified by a sign on the door reading: “Sorry we are shut. Pigeon again.”

Top priority

Commenting on the case, Greggs did not confirm where the incident had happened more than once. However, in a statement, the firm said: “Food hygiene is our top priority and we are proud of our great reputation for serving fresh, quality food in a safe and clean environment.”

The BBC notes that posts on Headington’s community website forum first drew attention to the store’s pigeon issue. One woman who has read about the problem is local Oxford city councillor Dee Sinclair. She said: “It’s not clear if it’s the work of one pigeon or several. But the impact on the shop has apparently been very difficult and I believe staff have had to dispose of quite a lot of food. It appears to be happening on almost a daily basis.

“They’re quite enterprising pigeons though, as there’s not a lot of food outside the nearby Co-Op store where they used to be fed.”


Meanwhile, a spokesman for Oxford City Council noted that food businesses can call in pest control contractors to deal with problems of this nature. He added: “Shops are required to ensure all food is protected from risk of contamination. Any open foods that have been exposed to contamination by pests of any description should be disposed of.”


When it comes to dealing with problematic pigeons, there are a number of bird control options at your disposal. Here at Pest Control Ltd we offer a range of products that could help you keep these creatures at bay.

For example, you might be interested in bird proofing measures that prevent pigeons or seagulls from perching and roosting on your roof or window ledges.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge as a London-based pest control services company, we have all the expertise needed to enable us to offer you the best bird proofing items around. The best thing is, you don’t even need to bring in a professional technician. This can save you time and money.

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