Cluster Flies, what Cluster Flies?

Households and properties that suffer from these seasonal pests may have noticed that their activity is becoming less and less. Before it may have been a never-ending event treating and then cleaning up the dead pests, whereas now they seem to have “flown the nest”.


So, where are they?


Cluster flies actually lay their eggs in soil, more often than not in fields- so if you are rural or semi-rural this will explain why you experience them more than most. Recent frosts up and down the country will have killed off eggs that have been waiting to hatch whilst also driving the flies to warmer places.


These warmer places can be deep in the barks of trees for example. Unfortunately, due to advances in central heating, our properties are also a most welcome place for the flies. It’s in the attic and loft spaces of the home that the cluster flies are most likely to reside.


During this winter period, they enter a state of “diapause” which is similar to hibernation. Diapause can also be likened to a deep freeze; this state slows down their functions, namely their development and appetite. Once the warmer weather hits, they will leave the area and begin to lay eggs in the soil again…. And so the cycle continues.


What can you do?


If you have or suspect that there are flies in your property then using a fumigation device, such as a Smoke Bomb or a Fogger will be a real progressive step. This will kill the hibernating flies and give you a clean slate to work on for next year. It’s then recommended to apply a residual insecticide, such as Formula ‘C’, to all the areas where the flies congregate.


It’s also very effective to pre-empt the next wave of Cluster Flies. The most productive way of doing this is to again, apply the Formula ‘C’ spray to the usual affected areas before the seasons start- Spring and Autumn. This should reduce the need to use fumigation devices.



In short, this should ensure much easier management of Cluster Flies so you spend less time killing and sweeping up flies, meaning more time for hobbies, friends and family.–flies-in-loft-kit-containing-smoke-bombs-118-p.asp–flies-in-loft-kit-containing-foggers-169-p.asp

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