Carpet Moth, Carpet Beetle and Fleas

When treating your home with one of our kits you need to make sure you are thorough in your application or further treatment may be needed.

Foggers or fumers we would recommend you do first. We do three different sizes in the fumers a 3.5g, a 7g and 11g and in the foggers we sell a standard and an XL. Make sure you are purchasing one to fit the space you are doing, for large rooms you may need more than one.

In the case of a fumer give the room you are treating a really good vacuum and grab a plate or baking tray. Make sure the windows in the room you are treating are closed and place the plate/baking tray as central to the room as possible and put the fumer on top. Take the cap off and you will see blue touch paper. You need to light the touch paper (matches or lighters) and it will begin to smoke. You need to leave the room at this point and close the door behind you. It will smoke for an initial 30 seconds and the fizzle out, this is just the blue touch paper burning a way which in turn heats up the chemical inside, that releases as a clear gas. Over a period of 3 hours (leave for a minimum of 3 hours and make sure no one including pets are left in the room) the chemical fills the room killing any adults that are in the airspace. After 3 hours go back open and window and quickly leave shutting the door behind you to allow the room to ventilate. In the case of a loft or other area without a window, leave the room for 48 hours to allow it to natural ventilate.

The same is for foggers, though you do not need to light anything as these are an aerosol, they just need to be placed as central in the room as possible, take the cap off and press down until it locks into place and it will begin to disperse its contents at which point you should leave and shut the door. The rest follows the same as the fumers.

After fumigation we recommend vacuuming once more (remember to clean or change your vacuum bags/collection part as anything inside can crawl back out if not dead). Then its time for the powder. For Carpet moths and carpet Beetles we recommend puffing the powder out around the edges of the room and under any and all furniture as these are preferred places for the moths and beetles to lay their eggs and where the larvae will most likely destroy your carpets. Leave the powder down for a minimum of 3 hours making sure no one including pets are left in the room. The powder will kill any eggs, larvae or adults it comes into contact with. After at least 3 hours go back in and vacuum once more as thoroughly as possible before starting the final step.

With fleas, you won’t be using the standard Formula P powder (unless you don’t have pets) instead you’ll be using the Natural Flea Powder. This can be puffed out on to carpets, bedding (pet bedding included) and soft furnishings and the proceed as before.

Once the first two steps have been completed now is the time for the trusty Formula C spray. The spray is residual unlike the other products and can last for up to 12 weeks, providing that you do not clean/vacuum the areas you sprayed. If you do have to vacuum then you will need to spray again. For Carpet moths/Beetles spray where you powdered and this will kill any adults or larvae, though it does not kill the eggs once they hatch, they will be killed by the spray.

For fleas spray soft furnishings and carpets, but avoid pet and human bedding and it can be a skin irritant in its liquid form, so better to be safe as when sweating it can turn the residue back to its liquid form.

Persistence and perseverance are key when dealing with an infestation. Depending on the size and severity of the infestation one treatment may be all you need, but some may need treating more than once to get rid of it altogether. 

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