Carpet Beetle infestations leave families afraid in their own homes.

One family in Inverness, Scotland are being made prisoners in their own home with an ongoing infestation of carpet beetles. The family have been dealing with the infestation for four years. They have found the critters in their beds and even their hair.  after their property being deep cleaned and fumigated.

A mother of two, wants everyone to know about her ongoing battle with the bugs. She has said that she feels trapped in her own home. As she Is expecting her second child, letters from her Midwife and Doctor have told pest control that they cannot fumigate her home as the chemical fumes may be harmful to her unborn child.

The council have offered to deep clean her home, which she has refused as she used to be a cleaner and believes the problem lies with the cleanliness of her flat.

The beetles are now starting to cause her to get anxiety. Her hands are constantly red raw where she is scrubbing her home clean. She said that she found one in her hair and this pushed her over the edge. It has been ongoing for four years now and she wants rid of them. She feels like she is constantly taking steps back instead of forwards, and this is not ideal as she is only 15 weeks away from her due date.

The council are now considering moving the family from her flat and taking away all the skirting boards and wood work, so they can find the source of the infestation.  A highland Council spokeswoman has confirmed that there are two council homes in the area with pest control issues.

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