Best products to eradicate bed bugs!

There are many products on the market that claim to eradicate bed bugs, but often they are not professional strength and will not provide complete eradication. All our products contain professional strength insecticides which are set at the maximum legal strength and will provide rapid knockdown of bed bugs, as well as ongoing protection for twelve weeks.

We have recently added a new insecticide to our bed bug range. With a unique blend of three insecticides, bed bug eradication will be achieved with the Formula ‘P+’ Advanced Bed Bug Killer. It comes supplied as a 100ml concentrate and will make 10 litres of insecticide once diluted with water. It can be applied on areas that wouldn’t be damaged by water and will provide long lasting protection against bed bugs for 12 weeks.

Our Formula ‘P’ powder is integral when treating bed bugs. It is a finely milled powder which is supplied in an easy to use puffer pack which enables easy application. The powder should be applied to key bed bug harbourages, such as the mattress, headboard, bed slats, around skirting boards and the area under the bed. It should be left down for a minimum of 3 hours, then vacuumed thoroughly. The powder kills all life stages bed bugs, including eggs, nymphs and adults.

Containing Permethrin, our Super Fumers are a fantastic fumigation device which kills all bed bugs exposed to the airspace. Simply light the blue touch paper and leave in the infested room for three hours, then ventilate for one hour.

You can find all these products in our kits that our pest controllers have put together. Simply visit and get rid of the bed bugs for good!

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