Bed bug increase!

Statistics have shown that calls to pest controllers for the eradication of bed bugs have soared by 28% between May and June 2019. This is due to the scorching Spring and Summer we have experienced this year.

Bed bugs thrive in warm temperature and the eggs require the heat to hatch. Also, due to a lot of the population travelling this year, this has caused the spread of the pests and holidaymakers bringing them into their homes. They can easily be transferred via suitcases or clothing.

At their adult stage, the bugs are approximately 4-5mm in size and are dark red in colour. They thrive in warm conditions where they can eat, making a bed a 5* hotel to them!

The Head of Technical Training Academy of Rentokil has said “Normally when we’re doing surveys on properties, the place we find bedbugs most often is around the head of the bed. The reason for that is they’re very close to the meal.”

Bed bugs can also be found throughout a property if you are dealing with a heavy infestation. Key areas are sofas, armchairs, around skirting boards and even on curtain seams. Signs you are dealing with a bed bug infestation include itchy bites and droppings which look like little dark dots.

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