5 tips to keep your children safe from insect bites

All children love to play outside as the temperature increases and the weather gets better, however, during this time insects are much more prevalent which can lead to nasty bites in both children and adults. Here are some tips for keeping your children safe from insect bites this summer.

  • Repellents – Insect repellents come in various forms. From creams to gels to ointments, insect repellents can be applied to exposed skin and will deter insects from landing on and subsequently biting children. It is advisable to check DEET concentrations of the repellents and apply the correct repellent for the time you require the.


  • Use of residual insecticides – Within the home and garden, residual insecticides can be applied to inert surfaces. This means when an insect lands on the sprayed surface, it will die. When choosing residual insecticides you should always look for the length of time the residue is left – longer-lasting residual insecticides are often advisable.


  • Play in safe places – Try, where possible, to ensure your children play in insect-safe places. Heavy wooded areas or places with stagnant water are often places where insects reside, so it is advisable to keep your children away from these areas to avoid nasty insect bites.


  • Shower post play-time – Since its summer season, there is no harm in showering twice a day. Showering after play-time is advisable as this will reduce chances of getting any skin infections due to sweat and will help in reducing itchiness and redness on the skin if an insect has bitten your child.


  • Avoid sweet smells – Avoid using any perfumes with a sweet fragrance as some insects are attracted to sweet smells and this is the last thing you want on a summer’s day.


These are some tips that will help reduce the chances of insect biting but it is not set in stone that if you do all these insects won’t bite.

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