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Clothes Moth Killer Strips from Pest Expert

Clothes Moth Killer Strips from Pest Expert

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These Clothes Moth Killer Strips from are a long-lasting moth control product designed for protecting your wardrobes and drawers from clothes moth infestation.

New-to-market, Pest Expert's Clothes Moth Killer Papers contain a powerful concentration of the fast-acting pyrethroid transfluthrin (0.49%). Each strip offers you up to 6-months moth protection, killing all stages of the life cycle – eggs, larvae and adult clothes moths. The papers are completely odourless, ensuring that your clothing and fabrics remain odour-free as well as being protected from moth damage.

Pest Expert Moth Killer Strips play a key part in any comprehensive preventative and reactive clothes moth treatment. The strips can be separated into individual papers and used to line drawers or inserted between layers of clothing or bedding, providing protection to your stored garments and fabrics. Strips can also be hung over clothing rails, hangers or attached to wardrobe doors. Each section of moth paper has an easy-to-use calendar to indicate when you should replace them.

Each pack contains 2 strips of 5 papers. Each 5-piece strip will protect a couple of large drawers or a standard single wardrobe.

Recommended for use in combination with 
Formula 'C' Clothes Moth Spray and Moth Killing Foggers or, for total moth control, see our best-selling Clothes Moth Kits. 


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